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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpanama hatpan‧a‧ma hat /ˌpænəmɑː ˈhæt/ (also panama /ˌpænəˈmɑː◂, ˈpænəmɑː/) noun [countable]  DCCa light hat for men, made from straw
Examples from the Corpus
panama hatA maroon jacket and a panama hat with a shiny black ribbon.Haverford fanned himself with his panama hat and wheezed like a rusty concertina.He was carefully dressed in a dandified fashion in white flannels and a large panama hat protected his head.He wore white shoes, a dark shirt and lariat tie, a nice-looking panama hat.The panama hat, in the finest woven straw, is the most classic version and a worthwhile investment.David Ferric walked in wearing an undersized panama hat and a turtleneck shirt with a drooping collar.He had a white panama hat with the colours of the Southsea cricket club on the hat band.