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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpantyhosepan‧ty‧hose, pantihose /ˈpæntihəʊz $ -hoʊz/ noun [plural] American English  DCCa very thin piece of women’s clothing that covers their legs from the toes to the waist and is usually worn with dresses or skirts syn tights British English
Examples from the Corpus
pantyhoseIt had gotten so bad the Emporium had some one meet me at the door every time I ran in to buy pantyhose.She was not too badly lacerated, just strangled with her pantyhose apparently.A superhero costume, though I wouldn't be running around in pantyhose, like Superman.Ah, just what I was looking for: an old pair of pantyhose, useful as a filter in an emergency.Sweet onions are traditionally stored in stockings or pantyhose separated with knots.I wiggled into the pantyhose, did a spit polish on the pumps, and slipped into those.