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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparkapar‧ka /ˈpɑːkə $ ˈpɑːrkə/ noun [countable]  DCCa thick warm jacket with a hoodanorak
Examples from the Corpus
parkaThe totally transparent white chiffon parka, by Commes des Garçons. 2.In winter, men wore heavy down parkas.And he looked so nice in his parka.It started with Lacroix and Mizrahi glorifying the humble parka by reinterpreting the shape in deluxe brocades and satins.In this crossover category are thigh-length parkas that offer more protection on wind-whipped city streets than the old bomber jackets.The President and First Lady were wearing sealskin parkas in honor of their guests.I remember a lot of tan parkas, a lot of cowboy boots.The parka in reverse from rose pink to a grass green print over a siren gown, by Ungaro. 5.