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patchpatch2 (also patch up) verb [transitive + with]  DCCto repair a hole in something by putting a piece of something else over it patch something ↔ together patch something/somebody ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
patchTrash collection has improved, he said, leaf pickup has resumed and more than 35,000 potholes have been patched.Rip one seam and the coat will patch itself on the spot.He patched through it somehow, though.He had been wounded four times-and patched up, and sent back to war.They built timber groynes and constructed chalk banks and patched up breaches as they occurred.And the couple are now taking an early-break break from their civic duties to patch up their differences.Their planking was patched with corrugated iron, their roofs shingled with flattened tin cans.