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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpillboxpill‧box /ˈpɪlbɒks $ -bɑːks/ noun [countable]  1 Da small round box for holding pills2 PMa small strong usually circular shelter with a gun inside it, built as a defence3 (also pillbox hat)DCC a small round hat for a woman
Examples from the Corpus
pillboxNearby are pillboxes designed to accommodate heavy machine guns.Behind the big drum came the band of four musicians dressed in loose black tunics and black pillbox hats.Like the bandsmen I also wore a little black pillbox hat.Kennet and Avon Canal, Avon Long pillbox defence line.She was wearing a dark navy pillbox hat with a veil and matching wasp-waisted dress.Then again, the pillbox was on private land so maybe that hadn't been a problem.I realized then that there was some one in the pillbox.When they get to the pillbox they have to divide their purchases into three clear plastic bags for inspection.