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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplimsollplim‧soll /ˈplɪmsəl, -səʊl $ -səl, -soʊl/ noun [countable] British English  DCCa cotton shoe with a flat rubber sole syn sneaker American English
Examples from the Corpus
plimsollConnor in vest and trousers - Huw Pritchard stripped to the waist, wearing boxing-gloves, shorts and plimsolls.I have been allowed to take off my shirt and am working in just shorts and plimsolls.Canvas plimsolls are a better, cheaper bet for keeping cool in hot weather.Novices will find plimsolls and sailing gloves useful.They clustered around his ankles, hiding his plimsolls entirely from view.His plimsolls were now caked in heavy clods of wet earth and his jersey was already wet from his soaked mackintosh.The rigidity and traction of the EBs was far superior to spongy plimsolls.One girl who turned up for night duty wearing plimsolls received a proper rocket.