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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroberobe /rəʊb $ roʊb/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 (also robes)DCC a long loose piece of clothing, especially one worn for official ceremonies a priest’s robes2 DCC especially American English a long loose piece of clothing that you wear over your night clothes or after a bath syn bathrobe, dressing gown British English
Examples from the Corpus
robeKovitsky was up on the bench, in his black robes.The buffalo robes were good for keeping warm in carriages in northern cities.Monks in saffron-colored robes are everywhere, seasoning the landscape.An Arab's flowing robes and racing camels gleamed white against the ochre dirt.Each vied with others in the number of his retainers, the magnificence of his robes and accoutrements.Death raced from room to room, his robe flapping.Pizzi's garb-gold lame for days and more saffron robes than at a Hare Krishna convention-seemed intrusive.She slid her arms into her silk robe and tied it loosely at the waist.The robe is a richly patterned 7-by-10-foot cotton cloth whose abstract symbols represent the powers and obligations of kingship.