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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrobedrobed /rΙ™ΚŠbd $ roʊbd/ adjective formal πŸ”Š πŸ”Š DCCwearing long loose clothing πŸ”Š a robed figurerobed in πŸ”Š a man robed in black
Examples from the Corpus
robedβ€’ So Aaron and his sons must be cleansed, robed and their sins expiated by sacrifice before they may take office.β€’ Whenever she looked round the tall, robed figure was getting closer.β€’ The car was surrounded by a circle of robed figures: we seemed to be in the middle of some whirling ballet.β€’ Light streamed through a skylight and fell on the altar, where several robed monks distributed the Eucharist to the faithful.β€’ Herded by a robed priest, other techs decamped from the catwalks.β€’ The two figures in front of the small group were robed sect members.β€’ It was a photo of a robed woman with a sharp star for a halo and a torch in her upraised hand.