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ruffleruffle2 noun [countable]  DCCa band of thin cloth sewn in folds as a decoration around the edge of something such as a collar
Examples from the Corpus
ruffleCan you name any other dance organization in which a male dancer substitutes for a female without raising a ruffle?An adjustment of her tight neck ruffle, and Natalie continues, looking me straight in the eye with a stern glare.The ruffle of her nightgown followed her in a mad wake.All these ruffles should be smoothed out after a few days.On the mainland, the small beaches were faintly visible, the surf like a tiny ruffle of white lace.Sam had blood on his white jacket and down the white ruffles.They developed women's fashions-long dresses with ruffles and frills-based on that of the Southern gentry.She was flushed and handsome after her rest, wearing something red, with ruffles round the neck.