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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsartorialsar‧to‧ri‧al /sɑːˈtɔːriəl $ sɑːr-/ adjective formal  DCCrelating to clothes, especially the style of clothes that a man wears – used especially humorously a man of great sartorial elegancesartorially adverb
Examples from the Corpus
sartorialMembers put their particular sartorial and dimensional problems to the speakers.Of such sartorial details is the history of a designer composed.McEnery is known for her sartorial elegance.Despite her bleak background and threadbare, Dickensian sartorial habits, she certainly transmits an aura of elegance and gentility.I later leaned on his sartorial knowledge when I started in television.The man's a sartorial offence.Now, though, the sartorial saver will have to wait until the early summer sales.First, sartorial simplicity is always best - evening wear is not fancy dress.A sartorial warning at this point - Center Parcs' tabloid soubriquet ought to be the Costa del Shellsuit.