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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscarfscarf1 /skɑːf $ skɑːrf/ ●●● S3 noun (plural scarfs or scarves /skɑːvz $ skɑːrvz/) [countable]  DCCa piece of cloth that you wear around your neck, head, or shoulders, especially to keep warm
Examples from the Corpus
scarfWhy did it have to be a scarf? he wondered.His wife sat next to him, sobbing into a scarf.His hair was all tousled, a scarf round his neck, touching his braces.When I left she picked up my scarf and tied it over my head.More options include a white patent-leather tote bag and a big straw hat or scarf tied a la Audrey Hepburn.Hala took Fatima's place and the girl reached out and plucked a pin from the scarf which concealed her hair.