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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshirtshirt /ʃɜːt $ ʃɜːrt/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 shirt.jpg DCCa piece of clothing that covers the upper part of your body and your arms, usually has a collar, and is fastened at the front by buttonsblouse I have to wear a shirt and tie to work. a check shirt2 keep your shirt on3 put/bet/stake your shirt on something stuffed shirt
Examples from the Corpus
shirtI have to wear a shirt and tie to work.His jeans and checked shirt, though old and well worn, looked clean and of good quality.Three buttons were missing from his shirt.A young man looked at Ozzie, who was standing in the hallway, smiling, in his shirt and dusty Jeans.Janir slipped off his shirt and pants and dove under the sheets.She might never have ironed shirts, but she too had once upon a time brought Jacob little surprises, little presents.Or else - more generously - I am buying one shirt for myself and two for my son.Dann opened the door himself, looking warm and sticky in a pink short-sleeved shirt and bright green slacks.a shirt and tieBeneath the boiler suit Morpurgo wore a shirt and tie.The body carried no identification and was dressed only in boxer shorts, trainers, a shirt and tie and jacket.