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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskirtskirt1 /skɜːt $ skɜːrt/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 DCCa piece of outer clothing worn by women and girls, which hangs down from the waist like the bottom part of a dress She wore a white blouse and a plain black skirt.leather/pleated/cotton etc skirt a green velvet skirtshort/long skirt a short skirt and high heels2 (also skirts [plural]) old-fashionedDCC the part of a dress or coat that hangs down from the waist3 the skirts of a forest/hill/village etc4 a bit of skirt
Examples from the Corpus
skirtToday I was all-silk, navy blue blouse and skirt.Her black skirt swayed from side to side.The women wear tight bodices over a long flowing skirt.Daughter Chelsea wore a blue-gray, military-inspired jacket with a matching coat and a short A-line skirt.Tina looked fantastic in whatever she wore, particularly jeans or a tennis skirt.But the skirt was so full and my arm so tired that I seemed to be getting nowhere.short/long skirtShe also suggested that I wear a skirt, a long skirt.I felt so cross with myself, so stupid for wearing a short skirt.She wore a long skirt and a baggy maroon V-neck sweater, one of mine she had appropriated and almost worn out.I shot three more arrows into the same spot and saw the foot re-treat beneath her long skirt.Her long skirt dragged on the ground and her tangled hair fell around Janir as she hunched over him.The shorts were pleated about the waist and flared widely, giving an illusion of being a too short skirt.