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slipslip2 ●●○ S3 noun  1 paper [countable]PIECE a small or narrow piece of paper a slip of paper an order slip a betting slip payslip2 mistake [countable]MISTAKE a small mistake Molly knew she could not afford to make a single slip.3 slip of the tongue/pen4 give somebody the slip5 clothing [countable]DCC a piece of underwear, similar to a thin dress or skirt, that a woman wears under a dress or skirt a white silk slip6 getting worse [countable usually singular] an occasion when something becomes worse or lower syn dropslip in a slip in house prices7 slide [countable]SLIDE an act of sliding a short distance or of falling by sliding8 a slip of a girl/boy etc9 cricket [countable usually plural]DSC a part of the field where players stand, trying to catch the ball in cricket10 clay [uncountable] technicalTIP a mixture of clay and water that is used for decorating pots
Examples from the Corpus
slipEveryone who votes has to fill in a slip of paper in order to register.The bank clerk handed me an official blue slip to sign.There was a credit-card slip stapled to the receipt.She fed the little slips of cardboard one by one into its grinding jaws.Don't worry -- we all make slips from time to time.If you make one slip, it could cost you a lot.People doing this kind of precision work can't afford to make the slightest slip.A week ago her plan had been to give Travis the slip and catch the first flight out.I looked through my wallet for last month's wage slip.slip of paperShe opened the bag, dipped in a hand and pulled out a slip of paper.She thrust the customary tip towards the croupier with a slip of paper wrapped around a plaque.A slip of paper was attached with Scotch tape.This consists of slips of paper describing nearly 70,000 individual documents.Stark would pull slips of paper from his pocket, lean over on the windowsill, and scribble on them.Each grave was allocated a separate slip of paper listing its artifact types.Collins laid the attaché case on the low table, consulted the slip of paper and tumbled the rollers.I pocketed the slip of paper.make ... slipBumper bap Serves 1 Make two horizontal slips in a large bap without cutting right through.But it is equally possible that he could spoil any chances he might have had by making some political slip.He did make one slip, of course - referring to Kemijärvi.It doesn't kill them, it merely makes them slip off - a feature which can have important environmental advantages.Terrified of making the slightest slip - Kinnock and the rest played safe - or what they thought was safe.Authority gravitated upward, and those on the field felt their ability to make decisions slip away.As soon as you make a nervous slip, he explodes with anger - humiliating you in front of colleagues.slip inA few latecomers had slipped into the room and were standing at the back of the audience.a slip in stock pricesMaggie opened the door silently and slipped in.