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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmugglingsmug‧gling /ˈsmʌɡəlɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  DCCthe crime of taking something illegally from one country to another He was arrested in connection with drug smuggling.
Examples from the Corpus
smugglingIt appears a smuggling plan went wrong when a lorry driver went on holiday.Therefore claims incurred where, for example, a vessel was being used for drug smuggling would not be covered.Penzance, once a centre of smuggling, is now very much a holiday resort.They were so cheap that, even with the cost of smuggling them west, Kurzlinger could make a huge profit.There is a strong tradition of smuggling, illicit goods being brought from nearby Flookburgh on the coast.He idly wondered if Joscelyn had returned to his old ways and was engaged in some petty smuggling.Mexico has made efforts to reduce smuggling.He worked here until 1769, during a period when smuggling was rife.Boscastle itself has long been associated with smuggling and witchcraft, and today has a witchcraft museum.