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snapsnap2 noun  1 sound [singular]SOUNDBREAK a sudden loud sound, especially made by something breaking or closing He shut the book with a snap.2 photograph [countable] especially British English informalTCP a photograph taken quickly and often not very skilfully syn snapshot holiday snaps3 be a snap4 clothing [countable] American EnglishDCC a small metal fastener on clothes that works when you press its two parts together syn press stud British English baby clothing with snaps5 a snap of somebody’s fingers6 game [uncountable]DGC a card game in which players put down one card after another and try to be the first to shout ‘Snap!’ when there are two cards that are the same cold snap
Examples from the Corpus
snapShe showed me a snapshot of her three children.They're just snapshots, but some of them are really good.Nick closed the lid with a snap.Kirov chose another snap which he had taken at a pavement cafe in Tbilisi, bringing his final selection to four.Did you take any snaps in Greece?Despite the cold snap, a white Christmas was an unlikely prospect for most people.Moreover, demand for heating oil did not meet expectations during the cold snaps over the last two months.With the Jags, he cut the number down to 10 plays, to be run consecutively from the first snap.The all important hip-consciousness of Manchester wholeheartedly jerked to the harsh snap of the Linn Drum.Patrick was showing his holiday snaps to everyone in the office.Everyone is enormously excited and Kate and Paul keep the Polaroid snap of the Mango.Elvis Grbac took the snap, tucked his body into a tight C and dropped it into the end zone.