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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnowshoesnow‧shoe /ˈsnəʊʃuː $ ˈsnoʊ-/ noun [countable]  DSDCCa special wide flat frame that you attach to your shoe so that you can walk on deep snow without sinking
Examples from the Corpus
snowshoeNow, well anchored by two meals, I made my way to the rental shop to get fitted for snowshoes.At this camp we encountered some very friendly snowshoe hares that would take food from our hands.He keeps snowshoes here and in the stone huts at Barre.Of the lagomorphs, snowshoe hares are animals of forest and forest-tundra.In the cloak-room Mrs Frizzell stood in a whirl of used paper towels, like a panting snowshoe hare in a snowdrift.Thanks to snowshoes, I could walk on water.Besides, the way our winter has been going, it seemed like the year to familiarize myself with snowshoes.