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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnugsnug1 /snʌɡ/ adjective  1 COMFORTABLEa room, building, or space that is snug is small, warm, and comfortable, and makes you feel protected syn cosy She wished she was back in her snug little house.see thesaurus at comfortable2 COMFORTABLEsomeone who is snug feels comfortable, happy, and warm The kids were warm and snug in their beds.3 DCCclothes that are snug fit closely syn tight snug jeanssnugly adverbsnugness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
snugLuckily that part of a free-lance trade ship which is not given over to miscellaneous merchandise is extremely snug.It crouched there, as snug as a contented cat, catching the sunshine full on its face.It was the best way to make a snug billet for himself.Nichols writes novels in his snug home in Taos, New Mexico.The children were safe and snug in their beds.It was a snug little bedroom.a snug little cabinThe porch was his place, snug, south-facing, out of public view.She looks really snug under all those blankets.warm and snugShe could have been at home, warm and snug.