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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocksock1 /sɒk $ sɑːk/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 socks.jpg DCCa piece of clothing made of soft material that you wear on your foot inside your shoe a pair of socks white ankle socks2 knock/blow somebody’s socks off3 pull your socks up4 put a sock in it5 informalHIT a hard hit, especially with your hand closed Larry gave him a sock on the arm.COLLOCATIONSphrasesa pair of socksHe had a spare pair of socks in his gym bag.shoes and socksWe took off our shoes and socks and waded in the stream.adjectivesADJECTIVES/NOUN + sock ankle/knee socksThe girls wore navy dresses and white ankle socks.thick socksWear thick socks and boots.woollen/cotton/nylon socksCotton socks are better for your feet.odd socks (=socks that are not a pair)He was wearing odd socks – one blue one and one black one.verbswear socksHe always wore red socks.put your socks onShe sat on the bed beside him, putting on her socks.take your socks offMy feet got so hot and sweaty I took my trainers and socks off.
Examples from the Corpus
sockLarry gave him a sock in the arm.A small boy in pajamas and socks wanders blearily behind his father, hands clapped over his ears.He had taken off his shoes and socks.This arrangement suited Fogarty down to his socks.I just need to put my socks and shoes on.For dumped along with several worn and odd socks was £500 he had hidden in the foot of one pair!He sat on the edge of the gazebo, wrung out the sock and dried himself as best he could.Willie stared in amazement at the fields, his thin woollen socks heaped around his ankles.You would carry this in your sock and give it back to the man, reclaiming your clothes on your way out.pair of socksThey thought he was reaching for an ornamental knife when in fact he was just picking up a pair of socks.So she ran in and whipped a pair of socks on to the girl's feet.Perhaps she would put on another pair of socks.I put on a clean pair of socks.The biggest thing was just a dry pair of socks.Then she reached into her sack and took out a thick pair of socks.