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staystay2 ●●○ S3 noun  1 [countable usually singular]STAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETC a limited time of living in a placestay in/at I met her towards the end of my stay in Los Angeles.long/short/overnight etc stay a short stay in the hospital2 [countable, uncountable] lawSCL the stopping or delay of an action because a judge has ordered itstay of execution (=a delay in punishing someone by killing them)3 [countable]TTW a strong wire or rope used for supporting a ship’s mast4 [countable]DCC a short piece of plastic or wire used to keep a shirt collar stiffCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + staya long stayDuring his long stay in the south, he painted only one portrait.a short/brief stayNo visa is required for short stays.an overnight stayBusiness trips may involve an overnight stay.a pleasant/enjoyable stayOur driver said goodbye and wished us a pleasant stay.a hospital stay (also a stay in hospital British English, a stay in the hospital American English)Sally is back at work after a short stay in hospital.verbshave a nice/pleasant etc stayWe hope you have a pleasant stay.extend/prolong your stay (=stay longer)He could not be persuaded to extend his stay.
Examples from the Corpus
stayIn psychiatric hospitals, the countywide average stay has plummeted from 22 days five years ago to 13 days now.Their average stay in a corps was only two years.In short, they have done everything in their power to ensure a comfortable corporate stay in the city.Cash was treated for pneumonia during a two-week hospital stay in October 1999.The four inside stays are now being assembled, two are complete and the other two are well advanced.I met her during my stay in Venice.The length of stay and conditions have been cited as key factors behind a recent surge in violence, escapes and riots.a short stay in the hospitalThe stay at Oxford spoiled me, I guess.So how was the rest of your stay?stay in/atHe stayed in hospital for three-and-a-half weeks, and then spent several more convalescing in the country.I have been off for a while, but I stayed in shape while I was away.Two troops deployed nearby to the west, awaiting a short stay at camp.Now let them stay in their territory.They may have to save before they marry, and both may need to stay in work for as long as possible.What happens if her father is unwilling or unable to stay at home with her?Bardot took the overdose on Saturday while staying at her villa near St Tropez with Bernard and friends.And he can not do this while staying in the same inertial frame.stay of executionIn the event a stay of execution was granted on March 6.Consequently, she feels she must work for a stay of execution.Sceptics suggest the Minitel's relaunch is little more than a stay of execution.Her batting average there: five stays of execution, one commuted to life in prison, and two men freed completely.There will be no stay of execution and few mourners for this spoiled concrete child of the Sixties.The stay of execution was intelligent politics.