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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsundresssun‧dress /ˈsʌndres/ noun [countable]  DCCa dress that you wear in hot weather, which does not cover your arms or shoulders
Examples from the Corpus
sundressThen she took a shower and changed into a cool sundress.She wore a low-cut cotton sundress, a bright green-and-yellow geometric print on a white background.She walked upstairs and changed quickly, slipping on a light flowered sundress in bold colours and her flat sandals.A clutch of sweet-scented jasmine twined in her hair on one side of her head uplifted and upgraded her sundress.On Saturday morning, she was lounging on the terrace in a red sundress when the doorbell rang.As mom inhales, Tamika sleeps, her pink and white sundress absorbing the fluids of unknown grown-ups.She leapt into the front seat in a skimpy white sundress, glad to escape the house.A woman in a yellow sundress came toward him, then veered quickly off the sidewalk.