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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthermalther‧mal1 /ˈθɜːməl $ ˈθɜːr-/ adjective [only before noun]  1 Hrelating to or caused by heat thermal energy2 DCCthermal clothing is made from special material to keep you warm in very cold weather thermal underwear3 HEGthermal water is heated naturally under the earth thermal springs
Examples from the Corpus
thermalIt seems far more likely that it is this thermal activity that sweeps insects high into the sky on fine days.Runners were given thermal blankets to prevent heat loss at the end of the race.For example, when coal is burned, chemical energy is transformed into thermal energy.Gas is derived primarily from the thermal maturation of organic master, principally plant remains, in a variety of sediments.thermal radiationThe thermal shock is, by comparison, bliss.The islands are also renowned for their thermal springs and sulphur baths.Wear thermal underwear, hat, and gloves while skiing.One tonne of marijuana has a thermal value of 2.7 barrels of oil.It's time to get your thermal vest on, never mind skates.But as the temperature of the material rises thermal vibrations cause the pairs to break apart and superconducting ceases.