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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtightstights /taɪts/ noun [plural]  1 British EnglishDCC a piece of women’s clothing made of very thin material that fits tightly over the feet and legs and goes up to the waist syn pantyhose American English2 DCCa piece of clothing similar to women’s tights but too thick to see through, worn especially by dancers
Examples from the Corpus
tightsShe looked so dainty sitting there in a black skirt, black tights, and sneaks.A crew-cut woman in dance tights and a big overcoat nodded off in the corner.A ladder in her tights, her fingernails noticeably chewed down.I washed out a pair of tights and sewed on a button.Too short tights or stockings can also harm feet.And the stretch tights look mighty cool worn with a close-fitting ribbed turtleneck.Taking off everything, but overlooking the tights, she fell into the tub.