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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrilbytril‧by /ˈtrɪlbi/ (also trilby hat) noun (plural trilbies) [countable] especially British English  DCCa man’s soft felt hat
Examples from the Corpus
trilbyOne was asleep, napping under a trilby hat pulled down over his eyes.Above them was a trilby that had belonged to Peter's father.I have a grey trilby which I have had for many years.He had on a leather trilby and a single breasted leather coat with a tie belt.All sported perky trilbies like Jack the Hat.Francie had taken his fiddle and gone off about his own business in his Easter Rising trilby and mackintosh.Black hair curled from under the trilby and hung over his coat collar.It was a deep blue colour and had a matching hat like a tiny trilby, decorated with a feather.