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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-pieceˈtwo-piece adjective [only before noun]  DCCa two-piece suit consists of a matching jacket and trousers
Examples from the Corpus
two-pieceIn 1995, about a third of the 52 million swimsuits sold for women age 14 and over were two-piece.To use the Blower Vac in blower mode, a two-piece hard plastic nozzle is fitted to the front.Forward seat belts each comprised a two-piece lap strap, fastened by a buckle, and an inertial reel diagonal shoulder strap.Shortened into a beautiful, two-piece, seven-foot-long trout-rod.She was dressed in a two-piece suit, the skirt just above her knees, and black calf-length boots.A two-piece telescopic suction pipe adjusts to fit all types of container.Rear seat belts each consisted of a two-piece webbing lap strap anchored to the aircraft structure.