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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderpantsun‧der‧pants /ˈʌndəpænts $ -ər-/ ●●○ noun [plural]  1 British EnglishDCC a short piece of underwear worn by men under their trousers2 DCC American English a short piece of underwear worn under trousers by men or women
Examples from the Corpus
underpantsThey keep their legs slightly apart so as not ro bruise the boils under their too short dresses and thin cotton underpants.He sat on the examination table in his underpants, and I noticed how desperately thin he was getting.Gervase, you have perhaps noticed that I have never removed my underpants in your presence.The shower is the only time in any twenty-four-hour period I take my underpants right off.After two unsuccessful marriages, I find myself keeping my guard up, along with my underpants.She had on a pair of underpants and a flannel night-gown, nothing else.This kitchen is unheated, and underneath the cloth he's only wearing a pair of underpants.Cassius closed his eyes and waited, then Collymore had him, was stripping him down to his sad underpants.