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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvelourve‧lour /vəˈlʊə $ -ˈlʊr/ noun [uncountable]  DCCTIMa type of heavy cloth that is similar to velvet but cheaper gold velour curtains
Examples from the Corpus
velourDuring one such purposeful visit weeks ago, a simple black velour dress hooked me.The seats use metal springs with foam covering and upholstery in cloth, velour or leather.A short-pile carpet, such as a velvet or velour, is the most suitable choice of flooring for stairs.The third range is called Colorplush and is a double sided velour.Equipment includes power front windows, heated windscreen and washers, electric mirrors, sunroof, velour interior and sports steering wheel.One is unlikely to forget the lush quality of the velour curtain retained by a gold ring that adorns the cover.A cold damp hung about the beechwood furniture and clung to the velour drapes.Texture is particularly emphasised, with leather mixed with heavy wool velour for one design.