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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoluminousvo‧lu‧mi‧nous /vəˈluːmənəs, vəˈljuː- $ vəˈluː-/ adjective formal  1 DCCBIGa voluminous piece of clothing is very large and loose – often used humorously a voluminous cloak2 WRITELONGvoluminous books, documents etc are very long and contain a lot of detail He took voluminous notes during the lecture.3 CONTAIN/HOLDBIGa voluminous container is very large and can hold a lot of things a voluminous suitcase
Examples from the Corpus
voluminousInformation brokers, for example, are rapidly becoming necessary in dealing with the voluminous amounts of information on the networks.Democritus' writings were voluminous, and several of the recorded titles sound medical in nature.All heads of department carried on a voluminous correspondence with this official.a voluminous fiesta skirtTry to avoid forcing your reviewer to read through voluminous material of questionable value to him.The voluminous report has been sent to Congress.