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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwellywel‧ly /ˈweli/ noun (plural wellies) [countable] British English informal  DCCa wellington (=kind of boot)
Examples from the Corpus
wellyIt's like walking a tightrope in size-15 wellies.And putting the boot in ... the recycling service for wellies.So Flora put on her green wellies and Jane her black ones, and they marched out over the hills.Gates claims that its gumboots - made from natural rubber - are an altogether greener welly.He remembers standing next to his dad in Regents Park, both of them in welly boots with plastic bags of bread.Remember that stepping into wellies is always easier than trying to pull them on.Perhaps the countryside has much to offer that is not just wellies, point-to-points and mulch.The seeds sprouted and the fuchsia cuttings struck, and now the little red wellies look wonderful.