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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwingtipwing‧tip /ˈwɪŋtɪp/ noun [countable]  1 TTAHBBthe point at the end of a bird’s or a plane’s wing2 American EnglishDCC a type of man’s shoe with a pattern of small holes on the toe
Examples from the Corpus
wingtipNote the downturned wingtips and large ventral fin.From wingtip to wingtip it can reach 2.4m.He wore polished wingtips and an overcoat, and she a pink ski parka.He considered this action to have been successful, as the right wingtip struck the ground first, followed by the nose.I had to keep the wingtip in sight of the ground to avoid getting disorientated.This notion is certainly not lost on the companies encouraging employees to take off their neckties and shed their wingtips.