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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoollenwool‧len British English, woolen American English /ˈwʊlən/ adjective [only before noun]  1 DCCmade of wool syn wool a woollen scarf2 relating to making cloth from wool the woollen industry a woollen mill
Examples from the Corpus
woollenNavy woollen bolero cardigan with large paisley wool embroidery, £42.99.Aran cable woollen cardigan with ethnic embroidery, £42.99.Jenna changed into a soft woollen dress of dark blue and tied her hair back in a band.The Sheffield cutlery trades, London printing, paper making, coal mining and woollen manufacture all provide well-documented examples.Where what is now a carriage museum was once a woollen mill where the red shirts for Garibaldi's army were made.Several silk mills were set up around the Chalford Valley, but the majority made use of the then-vacant woollen mills.The woman was wearing a pink quilted satin affair, the man a woollen red-and-blue tartan job.Chunky navy woollen sweater with zip-up front, £147.