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woollywool‧ly2 noun (plural woollies) [countable]  British English informalDCC a sweater or similar piece of knitted clothing You’ll need your winter woollies!
Examples from the Corpus
woollyShe was often a kind of walking heap of assorted woollies.He would see her in the old holey woollies she wore to bed, rather than an old-fashioned nightshirt.I saved on the knitted things by making all his little woollies myself and I was given six baby vests.I was very glad of my thermal vest, three layers of woollies, and waterproof and windproof outer garments.Quiet clothes are a must: no rustly nylons, and lots of woollies.She had a variety of cardigans and other woollies.Either that or she'd got two woollies on.Whatever you're up to during the snowy season, a wonderful warm woolly makes the perfect winter wear.