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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalumal‧um /ˈæləm/ noun [countable] American English informal  SECa former student of a school, college etc a Crawford High alum
Examples from the Corpus
alumSpence's product was an ammonium alum which gradually displaced the potash alum which had been made principally at Whitby.He sprayed a picric acid and alum solution into the noses of forty-six hundred Alabamians, to no good end.Much of the long-distance trade was in commodities connected with the cloth industry, notably dyestuffs such as woad and alum.Here he also made alum and sulphuric acid by the lead chamber process.The treatment so far had been innocuous: quinine pills and injections of alum water.He learned, among other things, what alum served for, besides dyeing.Whit- or white-leather was leather that had been dressed with alum, and it was often horse-leather.