Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin collegium 'society', from collega; COLLEAGUE


col‧lege S1 W2

specialized education

[uncountable and countable] a school for advanced education, especially in a particular profession or skill:
a teacher training college
the London College of Fashion
Donna left school and went to art college.
at college
We were great friends when we were at college.
sixth form college

us university

[uncountable and countable] American English a large school where you can study after high school and get a degree [= university British English]
Some people who want to go to college still can't get there.
in college
Fran just finished her freshman year in college.
a decline in the number of college students studying history
community college, junior college

part of a university

[countable] one of the groups of teachers and students that form a separate part of some universities, especially in Britain:
Trinity College, Cambridge

students and teachers

[C also + plural verb British English] the students and teachers of one of these organizations

professional organization

[countable] a group of people who have special rights, duties, or powers within a profession or organization:
the American College of Surgeons

name of a school

[countable] British EnglishSE a word used in the name of some large schools, especially public schools

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