Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: crédit, from Italian, from Latin creditum 'something given to someone to keep safe, loan', from credere; CREDENCE


1 noun
cred‧it1 S2 W2

delayed payment

[uncountable]BBT an arrangement with a shop, bank etc that allows you to buy something and pay for it later
on credit
Most new cars are bought on credit.
stores offering interest-free credit (=credit with no interest charges)
a credit agreement
What's the credit limit on your Visa card?
credit facilities (=the opportunity to buy something on credit)


[uncountable] approval or praise that you give to someone for something they have done
credit for
Credit for this win goes to everybody in the team.
They never give Gene any credit for all the extra work he does.
take/claim/deserve etc (the) credit
She deserves credit for trying her best.
to somebody's credit (=used to say that someone has done something good)
To Jamie's credit, he remained calm.
Credit must go to Fiona for making sure everything ran smoothly.

be a credit to somebody/something

also do somebody/something credit to behave so well or be so successful that your family, team etc are proud of you:
She's a credit to her profession.
Your children really do you credit.

have something to your credit

to have achieved something:
She already has two successful novels to her credit.

in credit

BFB if you are in credit, there is money in your bank account:
There are no bank charges if you stay in credit.

the credits

[plural]AMFAMT a list of all the people involved in making a film or television programme, which is shown at the beginning or end of it

on the credit side

used to talk about the good things about someone or something:
On the credit side, the book is extremely well-researched.

(give) credit where credit is due

used to say that someone deserves to be praised for the good things they have done


[countable]SEC a successfully completed part of a course at a university or college:
I don't have enough credits to graduate.

amount of money

[countable] an amount of money that is put into someone's bank account or added to another amount [≠ debit]:
The company promised to provide credits to customers who had been charged too much.


[uncountable] the belief that something is true or correct:
The witness's story gained credit with the jury.

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