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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishGREGRE /ˌdʒiː ɑːr ˈiː/ noun [countable] trademark  SEC (Graduate Record Examination) an examination that is done by students in the US who have completed a first degree and want to go to graduate school
Examples from the Corpus
GRELater it was revealed that its founder had completed a three-year prison sentence only six months before becoming a GRE agent.The principles underlying the formula for GRE seem preferable in this respect.Direct Debit payments can be cancelled by informing GRE and asking your bank, in writing, to stop paying the premium.Externally imposed short-term alterations of this kind in the assessment of GRE clearly undermine prudent housekeeping by local government.Table 9.6 shows several indicators used in the derivation of GRE elements which are related to deprivation.General gloom means that GRE could face a total 1990 loss of £100m.Such a procedure interferes with the inherently bottom-up nature of the GRE process.