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majormajor2 ●○○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 PMan officer of middle rank in the British or US army or marines, or in the US air force β†’ drum major2 especially American EnglishSEC the main subject that a student studies at college or university πŸ”Š Her major is history.3 American EnglishSEC someone studying a particular subject as their main subject at college or university πŸ”Š She’s a history major.4 β†’ the majors
Examples from the Corpus
majorβ€’ He would be going on to college and a major in Romance languages after high school.β€’ One reason: a sharp drop in the number of undergraduate students choosing economics as a major.β€’ I'm changing my major to political science.β€’ Greg is a philosophy major.β€’ I think it made him think about the majors in a different way.β€’ All the majors and two of the mini-majors set up production subsidiaries in London.β€’ That said, Therapy?'s move from minor to major has reaped well-deserved rewards.β€’ "What was your major?" "Political Science".