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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpledgepledge1 /pledʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 promise formalPROMISE a serious promise or agreement, especially one made publicly or officiallypledge of a pledge of support for the planpledge to do something the government’s pledge to make no deals with terroristsmake/take/give a pledge Parents make a pledge to take their children to rehearsals.keep/fulfil/honour a pledge Eisenhower fulfilled his election pledge to end the war in Korea.2 money a promise to give money to an organization Donors have made pledges totaling nearly $4 million.pledge of a pledge of $200 to the public TV station3 something valuablePROMISE something valuable that you leave with someone else as proof that you will do what you have agreed to do4 us collegesSEC someone who has promised to become a member of a fraternity or sorority at an American universityCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake/give a pledgeSeveral European countries made similar pledges.take a pledge literary (=make one, especially formally)He took a pledge never to drink again.keep a pledge (=do what you promised to do)He has not kept his election pledges.fulfil/honour a pledge (=more formal than keep)The time is coming when they will have to honour that pledge.renege on a pledge formal (=not keep it)The government reneged on its electoral pledges.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + pledgean election/campaign/manifesto pledgeThe governor had kept her campaign pledge to slash taxes.a spending pledge British English:I asked him to clarify Labour’s spending pledges.a firm pledgeHe also gave a firm pledge to build up the National Health Service.a solemn pledgeWe will not forget. That is a solemn pledge.
Examples from the Corpus
pledgeReminiscing about events that are now more than 50 years old, Dole said he could still remember being a pledge trainer.Insured bonds carry a pledge from a private backer to pay interest and principal on the bonds if the issuer defaults.Today, at Shiv Shakti, a health post is being opened; a pledge that the people intend to stay here.All 43 Texas Cowboys and pledges who were at the initiation picnic in Bastrop County tell strikingly similar stories about that night.The Government has fulfilled at least 50% of its election pledges.Some studies of specific election pledges and their fulfilment by governments have already been made.He said he hopes Clinton will follow through on his pledge to restore aid to legal immigrants in later legislation.We have received pledges of help from various organizations.The coup leaders have ignored their pledges to hold democratic elections.Therefore they do not apply to pledges.pledge to do somethingLewis was perfectly correct, even politically correct, to insist that Bowe had reneged on a pledge to fight him first.To keep campaign pledges to make education his top priority, Clinton wants two new middle-class tax breaks for college tuition.The President has pledged to make welfare reform a success.Last month they promised to deal with Gordon Brown's November pledge to reduce road tax.The suit further alleges that the sheik reneged on repeated oral pledges to provide for her long-term care.It didn't improve the band's pledge to give value for money.His speech carried a surprising pledge to end by March a nationwide plague of salary arrears.Anne and Sarah were true to their pledge to enjoy every moment of their lives after their fright the previous September.