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pledgepledge2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 PROMISEpromise to make a formal, usually public, promise that you will do somethingpledge something to something/somebody Moore pledged $100,000 to the orchestra at the fund-raising dinner.pledge to do something The new governor pledged to reduce crime.pledge that Herrera pledged that his company would give aid to schools.pledge (your) support/loyalty/solidarity etc He pledged his cooperation.pledge yourself to (do) something Trade unions pledged themselves to resist the government plans.see thesaurus at promise2 PROMISEmake somebody promise to make someone formally promise something Employees were pledged to secrecy.3 PROMISEleave something to leave something with someone as a pledge1(3)4 SECus colleges to promise to become a member of a fraternity or sorority at an American university→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pledgeBritain has pledged £1.3 million to the UN for refugee work.Moore has pledged $100,000 to the symphony.The government has pledged £500,000 worth of aid to the drought- stricken area.The U.S. has pledged aid to the country.Should new citizens of Canada pledge allegiance to the queen of Great Britain?Our switchboard was flooded with calls and thousands bombarded our appeal hotline to pledge donations.And he pledged that the hospital will be only one facet of a much wider menu of mental health programs.Rakhmanov immediately pledged to end the fighting.He recalls Joe Scott blaming the problems on an improperly updated computer system, and pledging to make corrections.Later Tesco pledged to replace the trees at Golden Hill, Bristol.Many rock stars have pledged to support the campaign to save the rainforests.President Clinton supports most of the bill, but has pledged to veto it if the education amendment is included.pledge to do somethingCouples who register pledge to be jointly responsible for their basic living expenses.On Jan. 5 he pledged to continue and consolidate the free-market reforms started by the Mazowiecki government.Three successive Home Secretaries have stood at the Dispatch Box and pledged to do away with holding prisoners in police cells.It has pledged to end the deeply unpopular draft and to reduce the 80,000-strong army.The film companies, however, were pledged to fight the new medium to the last ditch.More than 400 Wensleydale Smokebusters have pledged to help support some one wanting to give up cigarettes.The Government stopped it and pledged to save the mountain.