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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprofessorshippro‧fes‧sor‧ship /prəˈfesəʃɪp $ -sər-/ noun [countable]  SECthe job or position of a university or college professor a professorship in Japanese
Examples from the Corpus
professorshipMost have held a professorship in their department before advancing.He had been promised three new tenure-track positions, one of them a distinguished professorship.He retired from the University but retained an honorary professorship.A fixed-term professorship is being filled.The stipend of the professorship is at present £34,467 perannum.A non-stipendiary professorial fellowship at University College is attached to the professorship.There were twelve professorships, each with a staff of highly trained assistants.Eberhard Lammert, president of Berlin's Free University, understandably resents state interference with professorships and other internal matters.