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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreadershipread‧er‧ship /ˈriːdəʃɪp $ -ər-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 TCNall the people who read a particular newspaper or magazine regularlyreadership of a magazine with a readership of 60,000 They are hoping that the paper will have quite a wide readership.2 SECthe job that a Reader has in a British university a readership in linguistics
Examples from the Corpus
readershipLike a personal chair, a readership is usually conferred on an individual for merit in scholarship, research and published work.The magazine has a readership of 60,000.The newspaper now has a readership of more than 500,000.This paper is an evening paper and has a very high readership.The political affiliations of a newspaper, its locality and the demographics of its readership should all be taken into account.Newspaper and magazine readership is measured by written questionnaires.Most newspapers have a few pages of features, and that's another kind of readership.Such agencies utilise consumer panels, readership surveys and television audience measurement to generate their information. 17.The paper was returned because it did not suit the magazines's readership, but was accepted by Infection and Immunity.Such treatment may reflect the readership the authors had in mind.The magazine now hopes to attract a wider readership.These books are obviously written for a young readership.wide readershipPossibly a good choice for a Christmas gift for it will amuse a wide readership.Hufbauer's pioneering approach deserves a wide readership.It is an interesting, well written book and I anticipate that it will gain a wide readership.Upstarts and Livewire have received a wide readership already.Within a single volume a range of topics is covered that will also be of interest to a wider readership.In the hundred years after he died, the Pilgrim's Progress found an increasingly wide readership among Nonconformists.By bringing it out as an A-format, £4.99, mass-market paperback we hope to attract a much wider readership.This would prevent questionable findings influencing a much wider readership.