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rushrush2 ●●○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 fast movement [singular]HURRY a sudden fast movement of things or peoplerush of air/wind/water πŸ”Š She felt a cold rush of air as she wound down her window.in a rush πŸ”Š Her words came out in a rush. πŸ”Š At five past twelve there was a mad rush to the dinner hall.2 hurry [singular, uncountable]HURRY a situation in which you need to hurry πŸ”Š I knew there would be a last-minute rush to meet the deadline. πŸ”Š Don’t worry, there’s no rush. We don’t have to be at the station until 10.do something in a rush (=do something quickly because you need to hurry) πŸ”Š I had to do my homework in a rush because I was late.be in a rush πŸ”Š I’m sorry, I can’t talk now – I’m in a rush.3 β†’ the rush4 people wanting something [singular]HURRY a situation in which a lot of people suddenly try to do or get somethingrush on πŸ”Š There’s always a rush on swimsuits in the hot weather.rush to do something πŸ”Š the rush to put computers in all schools β†’ gold rush5 feeling [singular] a) informalEXCITED a sudden strong, usually pleasant feeling that you get from taking a drug or from doing something exciting β†’ high πŸ”Š The feeling of power gave me such a rush. πŸ”Š an adrenalin rush b) rush of anger/excitement/gratitude etcSTRONG FEELING OR BELIEF a sudden very strong feeling of anger etc πŸ”Š I felt a rush of excitement when she arrived. πŸ”Š A rush of jealousy swept through her.6 plant [countable usually plural]HBP a type of tall grass that grows in water, often used for making baskets7 β†’ rushes8 american students [uncountable] American EnglishSEC the time when students in American universities who want to join a fraternity or sorority (=type of club) go to a lot of parties in order to try to be accepted πŸ”Š rush week
Examples from the Corpus
rushβ€’ rush weekβ€’ From the darkness behind her there came a rush of wings.β€’ Even with a rush of students, the building maintained its dignity.β€’ a rush partyβ€’ Slow down! What's the big rush?β€’ the Christmas rushβ€’ The accident happened during the evening rush.β€’ There was a furious rush to have everything ready for the opening night.β€’ And when you stood hesitating before you unhitched the bow line, rush built to flood.β€’ I had forgotten my wallet in the usual Monday morning rush.β€’ But Peacock, 24, is in no rush to quit Tyneside.β€’ I can write fast enough, and there is no rush.β€’ Skateboarding is a real rush once you know how to do it.β€’ But as the rush died down it became apparent that her resolute determination would not be needed.β€’ Peter suggested keeping on until half an hour into the rush hour but no longer as it looked like being particularly crowded today.mad rushβ€’ Twenty five minutes past twelve came and there was a mad rush to the dinner hall.β€’ Towards evening I went in search of bed and breakfast; the mad rush to the west could wait.be in a rushβ€’ As soon as he found out I was a convicted felon, he was in a rush to be friends.β€’ He was in a rush again.β€’ I was in a rush as usual but I had to stop.β€’ Everybody seemed to be in a rush.β€’ Neither of us was in a rush to push things to the next stage.rush to do somethingβ€’ On a Sunday at family worship, it may be that there has been a rush to get to the service.β€’ A belated rush to help is under way, complete with the good intentions and hazards that hasty rescues invariably bring.β€’ I felt the blood rush to my face.β€’ What did you imagine I might do? Rush to your competitors?β€’ There had been the inevitable rush to get final items aboard before we sailed.β€’ Too often we ignore who children are in the rush to cover material.β€’ The military was leery of the rush to war.β€’ The rush to Berkshire had been pointless.