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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseminarsem‧i‧nar /ˈsemənɑː $ -nɑːr/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SECa class at a university or college for a small group of students and a teacher to study or discuss a particular subject a Shakespeare seminar2 a class on a particular subject, usually given as a form of training Publishers and writers from 13 countries attended the seminar.
Examples from the Corpus
seminarEvery week we have a seminar on modern political theory.A series of research conferences and seminars enables researchers to present reviews and findings to an informed audience.Peters has augmented his books with countless articles, speeches, and seminars, all on the same general theme.It gave workshops and seminars to help priests and lay people plan liturgies that were expressive, inclusive and theologically sound.A department-wide graduate seminar is held during each Michaelmas and Hilary Term for the benefit of research students.Land costs are $ 700 to $ 850, including meals, seminars, meetings with local residents.a sales seminarCost of the seminar is £10.In the spring semester Gordon taught two seminars and took on more than a dozen students for independent study projects.attended ... seminarFifteen writers and publishers from 13 Third World countries attended the seminar.Twenty employees from Columbia Gas attended the seminar, and were presented with certificates of completion the following month.More than 100 people attended the seminar, which was mean to last one-and-half hours but continued for three!