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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseminarysem‧i‧na‧ry /ˈsemənəri $ -neri/ noun (plural seminaries) [countable]  1 RRCSECa college for training priests or ministers2 old-fashionedSES a school
Examples from the Corpus
seminaryLacor is a Comboni Fathers Roman Catholic mission, comprising a seminary, schools and the 600-bed hospital.It came from a seminary friend who hand recently divorced her abusive husband.Mugezi eventually engineers his own expulsion from the family home and into another dictatorial regime, that of a Catholic seminary.Few seminaries and hardly any universities are equipped to help students enter into a mystical quest or spiritual journey.Choirs, pipe organs and the teaching of music in seminaries were all encouraged.I ask what is being taught in our schools, and in our seminaries?The works of Shakespeare, deemed licentious by the seminary staff and students, enchanted her.They destroyed the seminary, arrested Pigneau and shackled him in an eighty-pound wood and iron frame.