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seniorsenior2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 American EnglishSESSEC a student in their last year of high school or universityfreshman, junior, sophomore Jen will be a senior this year.2 OLD/NOT YOUNG especially American English a senior citizen Seniors can get a 10% discount.3 be two/five/ten etc years somebody’s senior4 British English an adult or a person who has reached an advanced level in a particular sportjunior Juniors and seniors train together on Wednesdays.
Examples from the Corpus
seniorI took French when I was a senior.Rossmoor was designed as a housing development for active seniors.The age-oriented community was conceived as a combination housing development and amusement park for active seniors.The entire senior class took a trip to Disneyworld.The nature walk is $ 9 for adults, $ 7 for seniors and kids 5 to 11.My senior had not been a Humber.I can't believe that Cari is a high school senior already.And most of the seniors had not welcomed the appointment.