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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtutortu‧tor1 /ˈtjuːtə $ ˈtuːtər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SETEACHsomeone who gives private lessons to one student or a small group, and is paid directly by them The children were educated at home by a succession of tutors.see thesaurus at teacher2 SECa teacher in a British university or collegetutorial She was my tutor at Durham.
Examples from the Corpus
tutorThe regular training programme is jointly planned by adult education advisory tutors and senior speech therapists.The program Chip was running included counselors and tutors and provided a wide range of services.The android tutor had a special location unit.The trainee, together with the in-bureau tutor, should work out and carry through a tailor-made course of study.Hourly-paid language tutors, too, face increasingly demanding employers.a math tutorThey hired a private tutor to help Carlos with his EnglishWhen she was ill she studied at home with a private tutor.In addition, the tutor can advise on alternative equipment or software which will perform the required functions more quickly or more effectively.In such company Minton stood out as the tutor with a more Continental outlook.Make more use of your tutors - compile a list of queries and then arrange to see a tutor for help.