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babblebabble2 noun [singular]  1 Cthe confused sound of many people talking at the same time the babble of a crowded party2 Ca sound like water moving over stones
Examples from the Corpus
babbleA spontaneous cheer went round the ship, followed by a babble of talk as everyone relaxed.She talked in a babble like the babble of birds, that ghost from the sea, that white she-ghost.an hour of babble about UFOsAs the happy couple took their places there was a stir and a rising babble behind them.Then there's nothing but the implacable, soul-less beat, and a subdued babble of shudders and metallic gasps.The reforms deserve something better than the babble that has followed them from birth.The babble of conversation was punctuated by the chink of bottles against glasses.Migrants came in waves with their babble of tongues.