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beatbeat2 ●●○ S3 noun  1 [countable]HIT one of a series of regular movements or hitting actions a heart rate of 80 beats a minute the steady beat of the drum2 [singular]CSOUND a regular repeated noise syn rhythmbeat of the beat of marching feet3 [countable]APM the main rhythm that a piece of music or a poem has a song with a beat you can dance to4 [singular]SCP a subject or area of a city that someone is responsible for as their job journalists covering the Washington beaton the beat People like to see police officers on the beat.5 [countable]APM one of the notes in a piece of music that sounds stronger than the other notes
Examples from the Corpus
beatMy heart lurched and seemed to miss a beat, but I went on reading calmly, though the print was blurred.But beat duty was of course not the only punitive experience for the rank-and-file policeman.Their new song has a good beat that you can dance to.Multiply the number of beats by six to get the number of heart beats per minute.journalists covering the political beatI could hear the rapid beat of his heart and him breathing all funny.But for some beat constables, there was another possibility.The more rum punch, the better the beat!Police on the beat are feeling increasingly vulnerable.Jessica moved her hips to the beat of the music.The beat was the only genuinely musical element in it, of course.beat ofthe slow beat of the drumon the beatHe called for more bobbies on the beat, an end to court delays and reform of prisons.Ian Westwood, head of the federation's Manchester branch, blamed the demise of the traditional bobby on the beat.Rain could shape every incident on the beat.Eighty percent of you feel that having more police officers on the beat would certainly alleviate your fears.police officers on the beatI would like to see more police on the beat.This type of groove should be played very tight, smack on the beat at all times, but with a little bounce.Men were sometimes on the beat twenty-one out of twenty-four hours during the transition between day and night duty.In his years on the beat, Cowgill earned a reputation for fearlessness.