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bubblebubble2 verb [intransitive]  1 AIRto produce bubbles Heat the cheese until it bubbles.bubble up The cola bubbled up when I unscrewed the lid.2 CSOUNDto make the sound that water makes when it boilsbubble away The water was bubbling away on the stove.3 (also bubble over)EXCITED to be excitedbubble with Mary was bubbling over with excitement.4 (also bubble away/up) if a feeling or activity bubbles, it continues to exist Resentment was still bubbling inside her. Speculation that he plans to resign has been bubbling away for months.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bubblePure, liquid hatred bubbled behind my eyes.When the pancakes start to bubble, flip them over.Santerre bubbled like a stream in spring.A large saucepan of soup was bubbling on the stove.Stir in milk and soup and heat until bubbling, stirring occasionally.Often, it happens because good ideas bubble up from employees who actually do the work and deal with the customers.A bundle of black walked toward her, round, bobbing, and bubbling with good cheer.Solar advocates bubble with the possibilities.bubble upOil was bubbling up to the surface.bubble awayThe leisurely bath has reached just the right temperature and the birthday bath salts are bubbling away beautifully.The heater had been adjusted to give a temperature of 76°F, and the filter was bubbling away nicely.The water was bubbling away on the stove.Whitley's goalkeeper Brian Dickson, a chef for a hospital catering company, bubbled away underneath the flat, old-fashioned crossbars.bubble withBoyer bubbled with enthusiasm.