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bumpbump2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MIan area of skin that is raised because you have hit it on somethinglump She has a bump on the back of her head. He had a few injuries, mostly bumps and bruises.see thesaurus at injury2 STICK OUTa small raised area on a surface The car hit a bump on the road. speed bump3 CSOUNDthe sound or sudden movement of something hitting a hard surface We heard a bump in the next room.fall/sit down etc with a bump Rose fell, landing with a bump.4 informalACCIDENT a small accident in which your car hits something but you are not hurt
Examples from the Corpus
bumpFurther discussion is cut short by a bump that interposes a few bodies between us.I was backing up when I felt a bump.Had she driven over a bump in the road too violently?I nearly stumbled over a bump in the ground.The car rattled every time it went over a bump.Martin sat down suddenly with a bump.a bump in the roadAnderson wound up taking him to the hospital, where Smyth was treated for a sprained ankle and bumps and bruises.At night, the old house seemed to be full of strange creaks and bumps.The sound of the rain made me cold, brought up goose bumps.This method is particularly suitable for removing minor bumps in the landscape, the new level blending naturally in with the surroundings.A small bump had started to develop over Irene's eye.